It’s an odd feeling to not have been in winery for nearly two months. Once we broke out of the city and the road started opening up to hills and valleys, I felt right at home. Anne was dying in the backseat with her usual excitement for a day sipping on grapes with girlfriends. We started at Terra Warra Estate with some Roussane Voigner, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Merlot. I learned that what most of the world calls Shiraz, we call Syrah… just another example of defining a new normal outside the States.
We had an hour to kill waiting for our lunch spot to open up a table for us, so we wandered over to the Rabbit Brewery, which tasted some of the best beer I’ve had in my life. I realize writing that, that in almost every post I’ve written I make the claim “the best in my life”… but it’s just so true. Either we’re missing out on some amazingness in the States, or my senses have opened up and been intensified by this adventure; likely a combination of both. The cider, pale and dark ales poured by a friendly expat sure hit the spot after a couple hours in the sun.