The Wander YearWARNING: if you’ve even had a hint of an idea to take some time off to travel, this book may push you over the edge….  It’s totally on point, hysterical and I can’t wait to read more of Mike’s books. I’m sure I made some people wonder what in the world I was snorting laughing at while I read this on my last flight.

I LOVE the way said “an extended period of feeling intensely attuned and engaged” in reflecting back on his year of wandering the world.

A few other noteworthy excerpts:

Travel challenges your assumptions.

To travel without expectation is to invite surprise. 

I had no idea the world was so staggeringly beautiful.

A truism of travel, as of life in general, is that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Here’s the dirty little secret of travel in less wealthy nations: you often entrust your life to someone you might not trust to watch your luggage. Your perception of risk is warped. You worry about disease, violence and terrorism but what you should truly fear is any man with a wheel in his hands (on driving in Bolivia).

Traveling in the developing world is like visiting a rundown amusement park. The rides are cheap, and you half expect the roller coaster to fly off the rails and slam into the candy stand.

American drivers watch out for the rules, in other parts of the world,  drivers watch out for each other.

And the last favorite…. “The one colossal mistake we’ve made thus far is allowing four months to prepare for the trip: way too much time. I’ve traveled enough to know that the supreme reward of any journey – that rare and wondrous moment of epiphany – can’t be planned. So why sweat the endless piddling details? I could have learned to play the ukelele in those four months.”