Above All Else – Dan Brodsky- Chenfeld

This guy is a fighter, a survivor, and an absolute inspiration for anyone who is striving to accomplish their dreams. Dan’s path is unconventional, risky and FULL OF LIFE. I couldn’t put it down.

I’m feeling a bit like a sponge (that’s been sittin all dry on a shelf for years and now  drowning in a pool of water) soaking up all of these books and their messages. I’ve heard so many of these quotes and ideals to live by for years, but they’ve taken on a real meaning now… maybe its a revitalized belief in myself that I can do anything I dream of.

I enjoyed how thoughtful Dan was about his decision making to compete in the National and World Skydiving competitions… It wasn’t just a matter of how much he wanted it… he looked at all angles before committing that it was the right time, right people, and right resources to get there. Even with these items aligned, there was still of course, obstacles, self doubt and failed attempts. He lines up a general process that many souls go through in the pursuit of a dream, a little something like this:

  1. Fantasize – something grabs us. We fantasize about it, imagine it, visualize it. We think about how incredible it would be to do it and to have done it. But we don’t believe its possible for us to achieve.
  2. Dream- we begin to believe that we may actually be able to do the thing that we imagined.
  3. Investigate- we examine what it would take to make the dream happen.
  4. Deliberate – now that we know the risks, sacrifices, commitments, and costs involved, we ask ourselves two questions: Is it possible for us to achieve? Do we want it badly enough to do what it is going to take to make it happen?
  5. Take Action- If we decide it might be worth the effort, we then begin to take a series of steps that opens the possibility of our dreams becoming a reality. One by one, the steps take us  closer to our goal. With each step, even the smallest ones, we build momentum and become more committed. But we’re not there yet. The final decision hasn’t been made. We can still change our mind and turn back around.
  6. Decision Time- we have thought it through completely. We have taken step-by-stpe action and have now finally reached that moment. We can still go back, its not too lake. but it is now decision time. Once the decision has been made there is no turning back. it is this next step forward that will turn our dream into reality. Will we take the step?

Favorite quotes:

‘”Every dreamer is not successful, but every successful person is a dreamer”

“Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you”

“It became very clear to me that one thing life certainly was about was finding things we truly love, challenging ourselves to be the best we can possibly be at them, and sharing our passion and love of life with anyone who cared to be a part of it. It is in this journey that we will discover who we really are, what we are capable of, and choose who we want to be”

“We will be faced with many obstacles, one of the strongest being negative psychological barriers we impose on ourselves”

“The deepest, most intense trust that one human being can ever give to another is given without having previously been earned”


P.s. I decided to jump out of an airplane. Cuz heck, why not feel what it’s like to fly?

Cheers mates, go chase them dreams :)