Fiji Time = Island Time

Island Time = slow down, enjoy the journey, and don’t expect anything to happen “on time” or quickly. It’s quite freeing. You loose track of time, loose track of days…. Which was already in full force from island life in SE Asia.


Arriving in Fiji, I squeezed my new travel buddy after a month of not living together and from that moment I just knew we were in for some good times. We loaded up, hopped on the bus and tried not to download each other on everything right away. I was super tired from a lack of sleep (go figure), and Anne was well rested after a 20hour nap (sounds like normal life?). Our bus dropped on the side of the road near our hostel, and we trekked into what I believe is actual paradise. For $25/night, we have the best hostel rooms I’ve stayed in yet, hot showers, direct access to the beach, guided tours, activities galore, red wine, hammocks, a pool with a view, friendly backpackers, and some lovey puppies… yeah, we could settle in for a few days.


An old Fijian man asked us if we wanted to do a waterfall hike in a few, I was like “um YES count me in”. We met some hostel mates from Domincan Republic, Chicago, Vancouver, Ottawa and Germany who were also down. We trekked our way to the trailhead stopping for some village history along the way. We hiked for about an hour, stopping along the way to crack open some sugar cane before arriving at these incredibly cool waterfalls. The water was the perfect cool down after dripping humidity sweat the entire way up. We jumped into murky water hoping no water snakes were also getting a cool down (I was mildly terrified thinking of Swiss Family Robinson and my sister saying hell no don’t do it), but I swam my way over to the falls, I just couldn’t miss out on feeling the fresh water burst over my body. We hung out on the rocks for a while feeling like real life mermaids bathing….ha! About half way back down it started to downpour, hard. We danced and giggled like little kids, soaking in the warm wet rainfall. Coming back to the hostel we were all famished and indulged in some late lunch action at the Coconut Café – I had Kodoka – a raw fish with onion, chiles, and coconut milk with cassava root on the side, it was so yum. We caught afternoon tea and scones (banana muffins) worked on some client profiles, and then scooted off to the beach with a bottle of shiraz blend to catch sunset and catch up on life. We shared stories of the last month of life, played with the pups in the sand, and polished off the bottle.


The next couple days were filled with sunshine, volleyball, kayaking, hammocking, pool games, cards, and new friends. I loved most making jewelry out of coconut shells; it required a fair amount of patience to sand it down far enough to make a ring. The Kava ceremony was also a local tradition to join in on. Clap once, drink the whole coconut shell full of murky water, clap three times. Repeat 5-10 times to feel the “body high” relaxation effect. I couldn’t get past two bowls full…. It’s made from grinding up Kava roots, placing them in a cloth bag, and pouring water over it to massage out the rooty liquid. I refrained from filtering it through my Grayl before drinking with ease J.


I loved our last day at BeachHouse, with a few of the local surf instructors instigating some chill time out on the waves. I wanted to test out my GoPro skills so I tagged along with their surf lessons and grabbed some cool shots. Caught some waves in a Kayak, stumbled upon a cool blue star fish, and undertook a massive swim back to shore.


Going to miss this place and people. So warm, friendly and welcoming. Until our paths cross again, vinaka Fijian friends!