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After 5 weeks in Australia/New Zealand, it’s time to bid farewell. Looking back, it was a rocky start arriving in Australia. After a month of SE Asia and Fiji life, I got quite familiar and comfortable with the simplicity of non-westernized culture. The first couple weeks I suffered from some unanticipated culture shock– thankfully my travel buddy, Annex2, was ever patient and understanding as I worked to manage the shift. Now sitting on a plane leaving the country feels so bittersweet – another example of the constant emotional roller coaster that travel is. I spent the past couple days solo…

Lake Wanaka

Queenstown is reminiscent of some of my favorite holiday towns… Whistler, Chelan and Tahoe with an adventurous spin; it is after all, the adventure capital of the world. I managed to last 2 days in town without jumping off a bridge, jumping out of an airplane or doing the shot over jet around the lake – not out of lack of desire, but when you’re traveling on a budget you really have to weigh out your pricey activities. After the disappointment of being grounded on my first attempt to skydive due to the cyclone in Harvey Bay the morning of…


New Zealand is known globally for their powerful Pinots and citrusy Sauv Blanc’s…which were lovely, but surprisingly not my favorites of the day. The Pinot Gris from Gibbston Valley and the Rose from Waitiri Creek were off the charts flavorful and had me wishing I could carry a few bottles home.


A thousand different thoughts about life, love, work and people travel through my mind each day. With more time on my hands than I know what to do with, I spend a lot of it reading and thinking as I roam a new street or ride on bus, train or plane.