I was a little late to the party on this one. I had signed up for a book group at church that read Bittersweet back in Oct/Nov, and it just didn’t fit in my schedule to attend. Anne gave it to me for Christmas on my Kindle :), bless that beautiful girl!

It was the first book I read on my trip, and it was one I picked up and put down numerous times. As the days passed on my trip, the pages stopped turning.. I couldn’t get into it, so I detached for a couple weeks. But I am glad I finished today (a few weeks later) as I read my favorite chapter, “Blueberries”, which brought back the fondest memories of my grandma, Betty. I was riding on a bus from Phuket town to the airport looking out the window at the lush landscape, and then up at the big blue sky and I had a long chat with Gram. I know she’s looking down and getting a kick out of this crazy adventure.

I believe this book could lend a hug in the future, should I face tough times as a mother or a wife. It would tell me to embrace the hard times, forgive, pray, be patient and to breathe.
My favorite message:

“Changing your life. Not waiting for someone else to come in and rearrange it for you, not driving a good idea into the ground when its clear its not working, and paying close attention to what you want and need and making it happen. “

It reminds me that your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by choice and change.