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New Zealand is known globally for their powerful Pinots and citrusy Sauv Blanc’s…which were lovely, but surprisingly not my favorites of the day. The Pinot Gris from Gibbston Valley and the Rose from Waitiri Creek were off the charts flavorful and had me wishing I could carry a few bottles home.


A thousand different thoughts about life, love, work and people travel through my mind each day. With more time on my hands than I know what to do with, I spend a lot of it reading and thinking as I roam a new street or ride on bus, train or plane.

One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen

Took a little road trip to see the 12 Apostles, and as we’ve affirmed throughout this adventure, it’s all about the journey not the destination. The Great Ocean Road was one of the most beautiful drives… full of beaches, cafes, surf breaks, rainforests, koala bear sightings, farm lands, windy national parks, sleepy towns, and World Heritage listed viewpoints.

WARNING: if you’ve even had a hint of an idea to take some time off to travel, this book may push you over the edge….  It’s totally on point, hysterical and I can’t wait to read more of Mike’s books. I’m sure I made some people wonder what in the world I was snorting laughing at while I read this on my last flight. I LOVE the way said “an extended period of feeling intensely attuned and engaged” in reflecting back on his year of wandering the world. A few other noteworthy excerpts: Travel challenges your assumptions. To travel without expectation is to invite…

Above All Else – Dan Brodsky- Chenfeld This guy is a fighter, a survivor, and an absolute inspiration for anyone who is striving to accomplish their dreams. Dan’s path is unconventional, risky and FULL OF LIFE. I couldn’t put it down. I’m feeling a bit like a sponge (that’s been sittin all dry on a shelf for years and now  drowning in a pool of water) soaking up all of these books and their messages. I’ve heard so many of these quotes and ideals to live by for years, but they’ve taken on a real meaning now… maybe its a revitalized belief…


Island Time = slow down, enjoy the journey, and don’t expect anything to happen “on time” or quickly. It’s quite freeing. You loose track of time, loose track of days…. Which was already in full force from island life in SE Asia.