Hey there, I’m Kara!


I’m a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in the Greater Seattle Area (the States!!).


For the past half-decade, my professional life has been filled with pursuing my interests in social impact work, in working for global development organizations, local non-profits, and the largest grant-making organization in the world. My heart is deeply in this work. I also have a hint of entrepreneurialism in me, which led to the creation of a resume / job search consulting firm about 3 years ago.


I’m a sister to one of the strongest women I know, who gave me the title of “auntie” just about 10 years ago. My niece Faith is one of my most favorite people in the world, she’s beautifully curious, outgoing, and a total goofball. I’m borderline obsessed with my pup, Romeo, a 90lb rescue boxer/lab/pitt. He’s been by my side for the past 3 years nudging me with his unconditional love and energetic spirit.


I enjoy almost everything physical: yoga, lifting, volleyball, water sports, winter sports, and hiking, anything to get me away from a screen for a few hours and feel connected with my body and nature. This past year, I spent a solid amount of time exploring the wineries in my backyard (Woodinville, WA), all 143 of them (alright 66 of them…. had to leave some untapped for future adventures!).


Although I write resumes for a living (www.fierceresumes.com), I don’t consider myself a “writer”. Writing a blog is a bit of a role reversal for me… it’s writing when I don’t know the recipe for success, the audience, or even the content base. So I guess that’s my disclaimer: this style of writing isn’t my thing…. at least not yet. A blog sharing my personal thoughts makes me a bit uncomfortable, feels ego-centric, and I have no idea what it will turn into. But I’m saying goodbye to comfort zones, hello to risks, farewell to judgment and to so long to caring about what someone might think. I’m committed to pushing myself outside the usual limits and hope that, just maybe, it might inspire the same in others.


But there is also bigger motive to starting this blog….

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to take a break from my pursuit of professional goals and give myself some time to focus on “me” before diving deeper into my career, settling in and building a family. In my early twenties, I wrote a “30 things I want to do before I’m 30” list full of goals large and small. I’ve crossed off a lot, made modifications, and come to be okay with the few that I might not accomplish with my last couple years in range. There was however, one thing on my list that I would have really regret not taking on… the other things like owning a home and getting my master’s degree can all wait, I feel no rush or guilt for moving them to a “before 40 list”. But that one thing couldn’t wait…because it was the one item on the list I knew would be life altering, perspective changing, and profoundly impactful on my soul. That one item, was to TRAVEL. So here I am, traveling the world for a while… (Haha geee, that sounded really easy! There was a time for planning, logistics, letting go of routines, moving and selling most of my material possessions. There was also time for tear-filled goodbyes, internal battles questioning my decision, and time when fear set in). The adventure began Jan 12th 2015!


A new friend I met in Koh Tao, an island off the east coast of Thailand asked me, “what do you hope to accomplish with your time here?” And while it was targeted towards my time on the island, it was a darn good question to ask about this travel period as a whole. I’m working on answering it, one day and destination at a time :) Follow along if you’d like!